Mr Crypt’s Curiosities


About Mr Crypt’s Curiosities

Vegan and eco-friendly homeware, artwork and bespoke musical instruments.

Mr Crypt’s Curiosities is a one-man show. It is entirely self-funded, having never even considered applying for a loan, overdraft or credit card in order to purchase anything related to the business.

It is also self-sustaining, with all profits going into more materials or further research into making everything as green and vegan friendly as possible.

Current available products include coasters, placemats, prints, keyrings, plaques, customised musical instruments, plush cuddle buddies, cross stitch, tea towels and cushion covers as well as one off paintings.

The overall aim is to provide high quality homeware, soft furnishings and decorations that combine cute and creepy in a unique way, drawing influence from classic horror, manga, the occult and traditional tattoo artistry.

All designs begin as a drawing by hand, and then either reworked digitally or improved/worked on by hand when possible. Aside from a laptop for digital artwork found on mugs, coasters etc, the most complex technology used at present is a sewing machine and a pyrography pen for any woodburning projects.

No frills, no excess, no exploitation of people or animals, high quality & very affordable.


For all commissions and custom work, or for more information, contact me at or go to

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